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The translation of the time of the artist

In boiling point, #AC exposes the diversity of the music of Ana Carolina in an album of tones and contemporary subjects that conciliates scratches and Chico Buarque.

“Uma parte de mim
pesa, pondera.
Outra parte delira.

Uma parte de mim
é permanente.
Outra parte
se sabe de repente.”

(Translate, Ferreira Gullar)

Perhaps nor even the verses of the poet are enough to translate the diversity of the music of Ana Carolina, one of the most complete and popular artists in Brazil, singer and composer who, in her 14-year career, already accounts for 22 songs in  soap operas soundtracks and two million followers on Facebook. Characterized by such diversity, the sixth album of unpublished songs of the artist, #AC, will be launched in June by the singer’s  brand, Armazém, distributed by Sony Music, simultaneously with the North American Tour which the singer will perform around seven cities in the USA one year after recording with Tony Bennett the song The very thought of you.

#AC is an album that points in a pop direction, with a hot and explosive mixture as the chorus of Combustível (Ana Carolina and Edu Krieger) – the ballad that became an instant hit that boosts scenes of the soap opera Amor à vida – and Libido* (Ana Carolina e Edu Krieger), track directed to the dance floors and full of sensual vocals (made by Ana). Libido exemplifies the boiling point that keeps high the temperature of #AC. (*Libido will be present only in the physical version of the album which arrives in the stores in June). Connected to its time, #AC exposes a conceptual multiplicity that conciliates since DJ Cia scratches – one of the most skillful of Brazil in the scratch art – until the Chico Buarque de Holanda Vocals, special guest for the samba Resposta da Rita (Ana Carolina e Edu Krieger).

Album of tones and contemporary subjects, which connects Ana Carolina to current subjects such as the facilities and problems of the iPhone, #AC was directed by Alê Siqueira – one of the most required producers nowadays – and by the own artist with a renewing mix of percussions (the ones of Leonardo Reis and Marcos Suzano), programming (directed by a team that includes Mikael Mutti, the renowned DJ Cia, Alê Siqueira and Ana Carolina) and scratches. There are no drums.  It is an album of groove and contrasts guided both by the part of Ana Carolina who experiences and dares, as in the partnership with Guinga in the theme of, Leveza de Valsa, produced and written by Ana with Buarquiana precision, and the part which is permanently fluent in pop language. That’s when the singer and composer speaks the language of the people in songs like Poledance (Ana Carolina e Edu Krieger), track of #AC that profiles the Escort that “Sabe entreter / Tem troco pra cem / Bota pra ferver / Não troca o nome de ninguém”    with metals produced by the wizard Lincoln Olivetti.

#AC Heats things up and brings in its mixture 12 unpublished songs among around 50 composed by Ana Carolina over the past years. Bearing the authority of who collects great hits, the majority in her deep and hot voice, others in the voices of singers like Maria Bethânia (Pra rua me levar, 2001) and Mart’nália (Cabide, 2005), Ana Carolina knows the strength of a chorus – and many of them will stick in the hearts and minds of her public, diversified as her work – and a melodic idea that captures the listener’s attention.

The skill of versatile composer jumps over the ears through # AC, whose high temperature contrasts with the cool atmosphere of the previous album of Ana Carolina, N9ve (2009), work of vocals and mild climates. However, the recurrent presence of Ale Siqueira in coproduction and the pursuit of sophisticated harmony in formatting the compositions of popular content are inherited from N9ve.

The mix of organic sounds – represented mainly by the percussion of Leonardo Reis and Marcos Suzano and the guitars of Pedro Baby – with electronic beats gives the contemporary tone of the album. In Esperta (Ana Carolina, Chiara Civello and Edu Krieger), track that connects to Poledance and Libido, all allocated at the beginning of the album, the programming was directed in eight hands of Ale Siqueira, Chiara Civello (Italian singer and composer with whom Ana Carolina has partnered in N9ve), DJ Cia and Mikael Mutti (Great guy from Bahia who has been highlighted in this electronic universe). In Esperta, Ana Carolina gives the dance floor, the dance of passion. “Sei do inferno que eu criei / Na sua vida / Por isso é que você me quer / Então vai ter que me encarar”“, says the singer in the chorus.

Already in evidence on the radio, on the main soap opera and on the internet, Combustível is one of five tracks of AC # that have Edu Krieger – Carioca who emerged in 2006 as one of the most gifted composers of his generation – as Ana Carolina partner, establishing a connection, which has already resulted songs like Samba Pra tomar três, released in the show Ensaio de cores (2010). It is, according to Ana, a living partnership in which both create lyrics and songs together, without rules and delineation of functions. In the case of Combustível, the intention was to create an accessible and flammable music, of instant communication, without falling into the harmonic simplicity. Result of the natural evolution of the composer, dissonant passages in the first part of the song pride Ana Carolina to connect two musical worlds usually distant.

In the essence, #AC is a connecting album. So the hashtag (#) – virtual symbol that points keywords in Twitter dialogues – of the title of the CD sounds natural. #AC is an album of the present that eventually connects to the past without nostalgia. This link is exemplified in sambaResposta da  Rita, composed by Ana and Krieger referring to one of the first sambas of Chico Buarque, A Rita, composed in 1965 and recorded by the author in 1966 used by Ana as incidental music. The idea of the response was of Maria Bethania. In the Samba of 2012, Ana enters the skin of Rita – that would have taken the smile and the subject of the character of the samba of Chico – to give her version of the events after being silent for almost 50 years. “Não levei o seu sorriso / Porque sempre tive o meu / Se você não tem assunto / A culpada não sou eu”, argumenta Rita, retrucando versos como “A Rita levou meu sorriso / No sorriso dela, meu assunto”.

The luxurious detail is that Ana/Rita presents her answer in the distinguished presence of Chico Buarque, who sings the verses of his original samba in a deeper vocal region to fit the tone of the track. It is first heard in #AC only the response from Ana. Then the answer is interspersed with verses of Chico. Detail: the harmony of Ana’s samba is the same of the samba of Chico, caprice and pride of the composer.

The link presente-passado appears again in Pelo iPhone, track that illustrates the tendency of Ana Carolina to talk about current subjects in #AC . The track, which inserts rhythmic cells of the samba in the programming of Ale Siqueira and Mikael Mutti, refers already in the title Pelo telefone (Donga and Mauro de Almeida), theme from 1917 which is considered the inaugural mark of samba. Pelo iPhone is a partnership of Ana with her friend Antonio Villeroy, author of her first hit, Garganta, and composer always present in her albums. Pelo iPhone talks, with humor, about dangerous instant messages that can report betrayals and undermine relationships. .“Por mais que eu delete o seu nome / Mesmo assim você não some, não some, não some”,” say the complainant verses of the lyric.

Another hot song of #AC , Mais forte (Ana Carolina , Chiara Civello e Bungaro), is a  passionate song that becomes similar to a tango – with arrangement that reminds  Dez Minutos, Hit of the CD N9ve – and presents another strong chorus from the songbook of Ana Carolina among inflamed  verses as “Eu rasgo os tecidos que lavam meus sonhos / Eu ando enxergando por trás dos meus olhos”. Coauthor of Mais Forte, Bungaro – to who does not match the name to his music – He is an Italian singer and composer on the scene since 1988, well known in his native country.

Besides Bungaro , AC# includes other new names among the Ana Carolina partners . Bang bang 2 – Fueled music with music arrangement that simulates during the introduction a western climate – it is result of the partnership of Ana and Rodrigo Pitta , singer , composer and theater director in São Paulo . Among programming, percussion and guitars (curiously played by Liminha while Ana Carolina takes the electric bass), Bang Bang 2 well represents #AC as an invitation to the dance , the party , the celebration of life “Essa noite eu quero dançar / Essa noite eu vou derreter / E quem sabe até encontrar / Alguém melhor que você”, ” says the warm chorus .

Canção pra ti inaugurates the partnership of Ana Carolina, Moreno Veloso and Carlos Renno. The extensive lyric lists icons of various forms of art to try to scale the passion that moves the character of the music to compose a song for the beloved person. A song that “(…) Fique no Youtube e se remixe / E passe como tudo, mas se fixe”.  Passion and desire which, incidentally, move Ana Carolina as a composer in creating work that perpetuates and will be recorded again in the future.

Without deviating from her successful way, Ana Carolina has made songs that do not accept labels or follow established formulas. #AC registers for posterity one of them, Un sueño bajo el agua, partnership with Chiara Civello, produced by the singers with Ale Siqueira . Un sueño was born from the unpretentious will of the artist to have a song that translates images of a underwater video that was filmed and edited, as she is currently moved by her new passion to direct her own clips. With its unusual melody line and verse sung in intentional portunhol , Un sueño bajo el agua became the top hit of a radio in Rio de Janeiro , signaling that the signature of Ana Carolina in an experimental song already is, by itself, a brand, a passport for success. An achievement  for a song with unusual verses  “Alter ego Google prazo / Rio culpa copa afago / O Daime download, uma inundação / Um café uma fé digital / Gestos acrílicos Moma Mdma / Ipanema foi mal”.


Presented as a bonus track due to the fact of being different from the pop music of the album (as well as the ballad Luz acesa, already being played on the soundtrack of the soap opera Flor do Caribe), Leveza de Valsa – First work in partnership with the composer and guitarist from Rio Guinga , originally made for the soundtrack of the film Meu País (2010) – also generated filmed clip under the direction of the singer and participation of the musician. Made especially for the album, the recording heard on #AC  is unpublished and shows strings arranged by Ana herself, track producer. The virtuous nylon guitar played by Guinga is in the soul of the subject, together with Ana’s guitar.  And, as the singer has emphasized when speaking of the music, you need full knowledge of the instrument to be in perfect harmony and balance in a partnership with Guinga. “The guitar and its infinite possibilities is what united us, it brings us together,” says the artist.

With its grooves, its guitars, its programming and its inflamed verses, #AC  translates the diverse musical soul of Ana Carolina. Full of actuality, #AC is ultimately, the translation of the time of Ana Carolina.

Mauro Ferreira



Owner of one of the most powerful and worshiped voices of the Brazilian Popular Music, Ana Carolina (37) barely missed the speech, right in front of a microphone. But the nervousness was more than understandable. After all, the singer was in New York’s most respected studio and about to record a song with none other than Tony Bennett (86), international music icon. “I did not sleep well last night, almost did not eat during the day. Who does not dream of singing with him? It’s a guy who has history; he is the great interpreter of the American love songs. “But, at the same time as him, the artist, caused all my apprehension, Tony, the sensitive and loving individual, calmed me down, “she said who already conquered applauses in partnership with Seu Jorge (42) John Legend (33) and Gilberto Gil (70), among other top singers.

The meeting was last week, at Avatar Studios, the favorite of stars like Madonna (54), Bruce Springsteen (62) and even the former Beatle John Lennon (1940-1980). The Brazilian traveled to the Big Apple exclusively to record the song The Very Thought of You for the new CD of Bennett, only with duets with special guests. “Ana is simply magnificent! It was the first time I heard her sing live and she surprised me with a beautiful performance, full of personality and love. It was an experience from which I will keep great memories, “praised the master. “The best artists I met are also the ones that were more nervous before going on stage. Sinatra was like this, he used to stay on the backstage with the hands on his stomach and repeating: ‘I hope it works out,’ “he remembered, talking about his friend Frank Sinatra (1915-1998).”I still feel butterflies in my stomach and I’m happy with it, it means I care about the public,” said the magician of standards.

With a 13-year career, ten CDs and countless hits like Nada pra mim e Garganta – she is the Brazilian singer with the highest number of songs in soap operas soundtracks, 20 in total – Ana Carolina confessed living a phase of transformation and rediscovery. “I want to make an international exchange, break new ground, especially at this time when technology let the whole world so close. The good thing about getting older is the experience that comes with the years. Today, I know dosing reason and emotion. It seems that life gifted me with few things at the right time, now I feel safe and prepared, “said the also composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist.



Ana Carolina and guests present the show “Ensaio de Cores”

In July 2010, the singer and composer Ana Carolina debuted the project “Ensaio de Cores”, joining her music with the presentation, first hand, of paintings of her. Besides hits and new songs, the show brought some surprises, such as interpretations of songs of other composers, all in an acoustic format, intimate and with the accompaniment of a band of special women.

The project “Ensaio de Cores” was born from a great passion for painting of Ana Carolina. “Painting came strongly to my life in mid-2002, right before the release of Estampado, an album so emotionally troubled, that I got to the point of creating a screen for each song. To alleviate the distressing feeling of recording the songs in studio, I painted to see those songs that just listened. Since then I never stopped, “says Ana Carolina. ”Painting eliminates unintentionally the limits I know and invent for the music. I’m not looking only for beauty; I mainly look for the visual communicability “she explains.

Besides the unprecedented show in “Ensaio das cores”, the paintings of the singer will be exposed in the “foyers” of the places where the show will be presented. And the project will also benefit an entity that the singer, diabetic since 16 years old, supports for three years. Part of the revenues from the sale of the paintings through the project website will be donated to the Juvenile Diabetes Association (ADJ), a nonprofit organization based in São Paulo which is dedicated to promoting diabetes education.

Ensaio de cores” has on the piano, Delia Fischer, one of the most renowned musicians in Brazil, having already performed in Jazz Festivals in Switzerland, France and Germany. Recently, Delia won the Shell award of arranger with the beautiful Beatles spectacle “no céu de diamantes”. On the Cello, Gretel Paganini, who is only 28 years old, and is already known as the new revelation of classical music. On the percussion and drums, Lanlan, daring instrumentalist who has played with Marisa Monte and Cassia Eller and is currently a member of the Group of Moinho da Bahia.


Multishow Award – Best Singer – 2010



Ana Carolina celebrates ten years on the job with a new show

Success has been a constant mark in her work since the release of her first album ‘Ana Carolina’ in 1999. Since then, she became one of the greatest sellers of disks and execution champion on the brazilian radio, interpreting her own songs, or in the voice of interpreters as Maria Bethania, Gal Costa, Zizi Possi, Martinália, Paula Lima, and many others. To celebrate this fruitful decade, Ana released the CD ‘N9ve in July, and now she debuts the show of the same name next November 13th at the Credicard Hall, with direction and scenography of  Bia Lessa and musical direction of Ale Siqueira.

The production of the show received all the required care due to the festive occasion. On stage, cranes, trolleys, rails and hitters help creating a cinematic atmosphere, complete with a series of scenic effects created by Bia. ‘The show also has an urban climate, which reflects what happens during the night of the big cities’, analyzes the director. To visually translate this idea, she had the help of the illumination work of Peter Farkas.

Main character and co-writer of this set, Ana selected songs for the show of several moments over the past ten years from the initial successes ‘A Canção tocou na hora errada‘ and ‘Nada pra mim’ to the full repertoire of the recently launched ‘N9ve’, which includes the partnership between the singer, her more constant partner Antonio Villeroy and the American John Legend on ‘Entreolhares’.

‘In addition to presenting the unpublished, I wanted to reread my work in a different way in this show and present not only the well-known songs, but also songs that are special, for me, “explains the singer, who will remember ‘O Avesso dos ponteiros ‘, from the first album, and’ Que se danem os nós ‘, from the second (‘ Ana Rita Joana Iracema Carolina ‘, 2001). Without chronological preoccupation, the script does not disappoint the fans expecting to hear the hits, but it is full of surprises.

Completely redesigned, the new band that will accompany Ana brings Marcelo Costa on the drums, Leonardo Reis on the percussion, Danilo Andrade on the keyboards, André Rodrigues on the bass, Dirceu Leite on the wind instruments, Yura Ranevsky on the cello and Pedro Baby on the acoustic and electric guitars.

Structured into small blocks, the script goes through various facets of the interpreter. ‘The show shows the rocker, dramatic, humorous, samba, and romantic Ana’, defines Bia Lessa, who also plays with the ambiguity of the singer on stage. Signed by Sonia Soares, the costume highlights the feminine side of Ana Carolina, but with many masculine elements.

Among the surprises, there is the inclusion of songs never before sung by Ana as ‘Bom dia’ (Swami Jr.), that she added to the script after playing her in a duet with Zizi Possi and “Odeio” of Caetano Veloso, with a strong rock’n’roll catch. The good-natured ‘Essa Mulher’, of Arnaldo Antunes, married with the stripped spirit of the show, as well as the block of sambas, which mixes the success ‘Ela é bamba’ with ‘Não quero saber mais dela’,  from the repertoire of the Fundo de Quintal  and Torpedo, partnership of Ana Carolina with Mombaça and that earned lyrics of Gilberto Gil. After Sao Paulo, ‘N9ve’ goes on tour in Brazil, as well as the Ana’s previous show, ‘Dois Quartos’, which in two years, reached the incredible mark of one million viewers.


Platinum Record – CD Multishow Live Ana Carolina Dois Quartos

Gold Record – CD N9ve

Platinum Record – CD Ana Carolina

Platinum Record – CD Estampado

Double Platinum Record – CD Estampado

A Artista - 2009


In April 2008, Ana Carolina debuts her brand “Armazém”, launching the CD / DVD Multishow Live Ana Carolina Dois Quartos.


“Tudo de bom” Award 2008: Best sound

Multishow Award 2008: Best show

Gold DVD for “Multishow Live Ana Carolina Dois Quartos” in 2008

Platinum DVD for “Multishow Live Ana Carolina Dois Quartos” in 2008

Double Platinum DVD for “Multishow Live Ana Carolina Dois Quartos” in 2008

Gold CD for “Multishow Live Ana Carolina Dois Quartos” in 2008

A Artista - 2008


Premiere Tour of Dois Quartos at the Grande Teatro Palácio das Artes (Belo Horizonte – MG).

Indication of the song “Rosas”, composed by Antônio Villeroy as Best Music for the Latin Grammy.


Diamond DVD for “Ana and Jorge – Live” in 2007

Double Platinum CD for “Ana and Jorge – Live” in 2007

Platinum CD “Dois Quartos” in 2007

Multishow Award 2007: Best singer

The Bests of the year from the Domingão do Faustão – Best soap opera music (Carvão)



Maria Bethânia records the wonderful “Eu que não sei quase nada do mar”, partnership of Ana Carolina and Jorge Vercilo.

Mart’nália conquers the rádios with the song “Cabide”, another hit of Ana Carolina.

Luiza Possi launches the CD “Escuta”, which title is the song composed by Ana Carolina.

Double CD release: Dois Quartos – the more authorial work of Ana Carolina. In addition to signing the composition of 23 from the 24 of the album, Ana Carolina is also responsible for the production, alongside Guto Graça Mello, Afo Verde, Nilo Romero, Dunga and Marcelo Sussekind.

Indication for the Latin Grammy of Best Album of Brazilian Popular Music with the CD “Ana and Jorge”.


Multishow award 2006: Best Singer

Press Trophy – Best Singer

Multishow award 2006 – Best CD (Ana and Jorge)

Toshiba award – Best CD (Ana and Jorge)



Seu Jorge invitation for a partnership in two presentations on the project Tom Acoustic, in São Paulo.

Release of the CD and DVD Ana & Jorge, result of the live recorded performances in Tom Acoustic.

Ana and Jorge become the greatest sales and execution phenomenon in 2005 with the song “É isso aí”.

Ana Carolina is the cover of some of the most important publications in Brazil.

Overcoming the mark of one million records sold: first place in sales and execution in the country.


Gold DVD for “Um instante que não para” in 2005

Platinum DVD for “Estampado” in 2005

Platinum DVD for “Um instante que não para” in 2005

Platinum CD for “Ana and Jorge – Live” in 2005

Platinum DVD for “Ana and Jorge – Live” in 2005

Platinum CD for “Perfil – Ana Carolina” in 2005

Double Platinum CD for “Perfil – Ana Carolina” in 2005

Gold DVD for “Estampado” in 2005

A Artista - 2005


Release of the third album: Estampado

Premiere tour of Estampado directed by Kike Days.

New and many partnerships: Chico César, Seu Jorge, Celso Fonseca and Vitor Ramil.

Release of the first DVD: Estampado, directed by Mari Stockler and with the very special participation of Chico Buarque, João Bosco and Maria Bethania, besides the friends Antônio Villeroy, Seu Jorge, Chico César, Elisa Lucinda and the DJ Zé Pedro.

Presentations in Portugal and in the USA: Miami, Boston and Newark.

Release of the second DVD: Estampado – Um instante que não para, directed by Monique Gardenberg and recorded live at the Claro Hall (Rio de Janeiro) with more than 9,000 people.


Press Trophy – Best Singer of 2003

Gold CD for “Estampado” in 2004

Gold DVD for “Estampado” in 2004

A Artista - 2003-2004


Release of the second album: Ana Rita Joana Iracema Carolina.

Highlight for the big “hit” of the Brazilian radios in 2001: “Quem de nós dois” – the most played song in Brazil: more than 3,000 executions.

Participation on the songbook of the idols Chico Buarque and João Bosco.

Composition and interpretation of the songs “Velas e Vento” and “Margem da Pele” for the film of Sandra Werneck, Amores Possíveis.

Presentations in France and Portugal.


Gold CD for “Ana Rita Joana Iracema Carolina”

Platinum CD for “Ana Rita Joana Iracema Carolina”

Press Trophy: Best Singer of 2001

The Best of the year from the Domingão do Faustão – Best singer of 2001

The Best of the year from the Domingão do Faustão – Best song of 2001 – “Quem de nós dois”

Brazilian Academy of Letters – Austregésilo de Ahayde Award: Best singer of 2001

TIM Brazilian Music Award – Best singer of 2001

1st Caras Music Award – Popular vote: Best Singer 2002


The beginning

Presentations in bars of Juiz de Fora and towns in the mountainous region, interpreting idols like Chico Buarque.

Presentations at the Mistura Fina in Rio de Janeiro, with own repertoire, guitar and unmistakable timbre. Luciana, daughter of Vinicius de Moraes, gets enchanted with Ana Carolina and asks her a demo tape. From this moment on, it took only 15 days until the signing of her first phonograph contract, with BMG.

As a result of the contract with BMG, the releasing of the album “Ana Carolina”: critical and public success. Show at the Bataclan (France), in the same night as Jorge Benjor.

Participation in the Brazilian Music Festival in Sanahy (South of France). Latin Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Album for album “Ana Carolina”.


Gold CD for “Ana Carolina” in 2000

Multishow Award 2000 – New Artist

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